Wolfgang Werner on Jury for German House’s Energy Efficiency Showcase & Award Challenge

Urban Fabrick’s very own Wolfgang Werner is set to jury the upcoming Energy Efficiency Showcase & Award Challenge at New York’s German House, on July 13th. Having been born and raised in Germany where he also studied architecture, Wolfgang is highly attuned to the differences between the U.S. and Germany in terms of building standards, performance expectations, quality of execution and the cultural forces that shape building outcomes.

Germany is a leader in designing and constructing high-performance buildings and manufacturing high-efficiency building systems, such as triple-pane windows and heat recovery ventilation systems. The average quality of construction in Germany is higher than in the US, due to a variety of factors, including the way workers in the building trades are trained, government regulations and a culture that pushes for and expects a higher level of efficiency and quality.

As such, it’s great to see German companies and technical knowledge entering the US market to provide greater choice for high-performance building solutions. For example, while triple-pane windows are a mainstream choice in Germany, they are not yet easy to source in the U.S. and often have to be imported. This interest in German technology is spurred at least in part by the momentum of the Passive House system in the U.S. Passive Houses are only possible with a highly insulated and airtight building envelope coupled with an efficient heat recovery ventilation system. For both categories, there is scarcity of choice in the domestic market, providing an entry point for German products.

Wolfgang is thrilled to participate in this event, to learn more about the honored projects, and to be part of the conversation about strengthening US-German partnerships in the energy efficiency field.


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