Webinar: Getting Past the “Yuck Factor” of Water Reuse hosted by USGBC Northern California

Introduction to Onsite Water Reuse - USGBC

What do you know about water reuse? In order to address the knowledge gaps that currently exist across the building industry, USGBC Northern California will be a hosting a webinar  “Yuck to Yay An Introduction to Onsite Water Reuse.”

This webinar is approved by GBCI for 2 CE Hours. Register now!

Seminar details

Date: Tuesday April 18

Time: 11:00 – 12:30 pm


Learning objectives

  1. Communicate why all types of water should be considered valuable resources.
  2. Learn strategies to integrate water reuse into the building design process.
  3. Describe the variety of systems and technologies on the market and their pros/cons. v
  4. Understand the hydrologic cycle and what the water-energy nexus really means, vis-a-vis our role as green building professionals.
  5. Communicate with stakeholders and overcome the “yuck” factor.

The following LEED v4 BD+C prerequisites and credits will be addressed: