Kyle Pickett will be interviewed on The Modern Architect podcast on August 7

On August 7, from 10-11a, Urban Fabrick’s Co-founder and Managing Principal, Kyle Pickett will be speaking on The Modern Architect. The Stanford University-based radio and podcast features interviews with world-renowned and cutting-edge architects, influencers, and sustainability leaders.

Kyle will be riffing on a range of topics, on the beginnings of Urban Fabrick, to the range of current projects, innovations in onsite water reuse, the importance of Integrated Project Delivery, and more. He’ll also be touching on the repositioning of The Urban Fabrick Collaborative, Urban Fabrick’s nonprofit sister organization, as the William J. Worthen Foundation. This move is all part of our work in carrying on the legacy of our dearly departed cofounder in developing and promoting accessible AEC professional education, advancing climate positive development, and engaging in social justice.

We’re excited to spread the word with The Modern Architect! Come and tune in for the fun, August 7th from 10-11am on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM in the Bay Area and online at


Urban Fabrick is a building sustainability and communications consultancy with the mission to make sustainability accessible and engaging to all. We work with our clients to build better buildings and create more livable, walkable urban neighborhoods. We deliver sustainable, cost-effective building outcomes by synthesizing research, policies and technology, and guide the progress of green building certifications, net-zero energy design and climate positive development at any scale.

Our services bridge many of the professional knowledge gaps that exist between today’s business-as-usual design practices and those required to successfully realize high-performance outcomes. We help project teams to understand and navigate energy and green building codes and regulations and to design their buildings to meet or exceed applicable requirements. We apply our decades of experience in green building, design and resilience planning to help our clients make smarter decisions.