Future Vision Project is Finalist in Best Climate Practices Competition

Urban Fabrick Resilient Design Associate Johanna Hoffman’s Future Vision project is a finalist for 2017 Best Climate Practices Competition

So pleased to share some more great news about Future Vision! The project, developed by Resilient Design Associate Johanna Hoffman, is now a finalist for this year’s Best Climate Practices Competition for building resilience to climate disaster risk.

Although much of our resilience planning and recovery measures are designed to come from larger federal and state institutions, there is much we can do at the local level to prepare ourselves. The more information and tools our cities and communities have ahead of time, the more resilient we become when natural hazards occur. Future Vision provides these tools, increasing community resilience to climate change by spreading information, awareness and civic collaboration in public transit hubs.

A series of modular add-ons to existing transportation centers, Future Vision models become information, data gathering, community outreach, and planning tools; educating users and visitors about what’s going on in their areas, spreading the word about emergency plans before they happen, and asking feedback and input on how to improve those plans before major changes strike. Their presence creates a continual conversation about preparedness, vulnerability and options for response. Interactive panels are designed to serve in a range of public transit contexts and locations.

We’re thrilled that Future Vision is recognized by the Best Climate Practices Observatory, a project of the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) and a joint initiative of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and Fondazione Giorgio Cini. The winning practice — determined based on a combination of online voting results and an assessment by a panel of international experts –  will receive a prize of 3000 euros and support in further development.

We’d love to get your vote! Just follow the link below, register on the site, put Future Vision in the search bar and click “VOTE!” in the upper right hand corner. Public voting goes until July 26, 5pm Central European Summer Time (CEST).



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