Bill Worthen Speaking About Urban Water Re-Use at Water Executive Summit

Bill Worthen will be speaking about Water Resilience in 21st Century Operations Strategy: Urban Water Re-Use at the Water Executive Summit taking place on January 25, 2017 in San Francisco. The event is hosted by the Cleantech Forum San Francisco.

As a result of dwindling water supplies, crumbling urban water infrastructure and severe weather, a growing group of cities and businesses are leading the development of highly differentiated and distributed models for future urban water systems.

Bill will joined by a panel of Conversation Starters that will discuss on-site water re-use in urban centers, showcasing San Francisco’s new policy demands for on-site water re-use for large new buildings in the city and its implications for solution providers. They will also be looking further afield at the international opportunities, especially in the densely populated and ever-growing cities of Asia.


  • Laura Shenkar, Principal, Artemis Water Strategy

Conversation Starters:

  • Attila Bodnar, Co-Founder & EVP of Business Development, Organica Water
  • Eytan Levy, Co-Founder, Managing Director & CEO, Emefcy
  • Nicole Neeman Brady, President, Edison Water Resources
  • Bill Worthen, Founding Principal, Urban Fabrick

In a mini-Summit format, participants in the day-long event will set out to identify what the current and emerging opportunities might be; whether water can be a beneficiary of the new US administration’s commitment to infrastructure spend and a push for jobs; and whether water can shake off its “red-headed stepchild” status in the “cleantech” portfolio and emerge in the 2020s as a star performer.

The event is deliberately sized and intimately-formatted to encourage interaction, informality, and collaborative idea-sharing. Seats can be requested by contacting


Bill Worthen, FAIA, LEED Fellow, GPR is currently focused on water re-use at the building and district scale and applying whole building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a design tool. Bill wrote The Future of Designing (with) Water published in the January 2014 issue of ARCHITECT Magazine covering the challenges and opportunities for designing onsite water re-use systems, black and gray water technology and the water-energy nexus. Bill is also the sustainability consultant on 181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, a pre-certified LEED Platinum, 70 story mixed-use residential tower that is the first developer-driven project in San Francisco to install an onsite water reuse gray water system, saving over 1.3 million gallons of potable water a year.  Bill serves on the C40 Cities Roadmap Review Committee, the AIACC Energy and the Built Environment Steering Committee and holds the public seat on SF Municipal Green Building Task Force. Bill also created the Urban Fabrick Collaborative, a 501c3 focused on making sustainability fun, interesting and understandable to all.


Urban Fabrick assists project teams to meet, understand and design to new green building code requirements including CALGreen and the New York State Energy Code and a variety of local green building ordinances. We facilitate complex and high level green building certifications, onsite water reuse, net-zero energy design, sustainability master planning and climate positive development.

Urban Fabrick can help you to connect the dots and bridge many of the professional knowledge gaps that currently exist between today’s (business as usual) design practices and those required to successfully meet or exceed high performance (green) building code requirements, achieve green building ratings and make more informed, cost-effective and sustainable decisions. With over fifteen years of green building policy, practice and design expertise, Urban Fabrick adds value.