At Urban Fabrick, our mission is to make sustainability accessible and engaging to all. We work with our clients to build better buildings and create more livable, walkable urban neighborhoods. We deliver sustainable, cost-effective building outcomes by synthesizing research, policies and technology. We guide the progress of green building certifications, net-zero energy design and climate positive development at any scale.

Our services bridge many of the professional knowledge gaps that exist between today’s business-as-usual design practices and those required to successfully realize high-performance outcomes. We help project teams to understand and navigate energy and green building codes and regulations and to design their buildings to meet or exceed applicable requirements. We apply our decades of experience in green building, design and resilience planning to help our clients make smarter decisions.

We’re committed to sharing our expertise with wider professional and general audiences. We provide engaging, professional educational programming on sustainability and collaborative design. Our outreach, messaging and training services weave narrative and visual storytelling techniques into immersive educational content. Through research-based publications, interactive installations, audio tutorials and more, we engage clients and stakeholders in meaningful conversations about our changing built environment.